Ruiz-Dickson Abogados is the consolidation of a project founded in 1983 by Francisco Ruiz Lozano wich has developed into a multidisciplinary practice, specializing in matters concerning property conveyancing, mortgages and notarial procedures, civil law, business law, family and inheritance law. We also offer general legal advice.


The roots of what started out as a family practice, with the addition of new blood, gave way to a modern law firm that still conserves a personalized attention to their clients and the human warmth that was found in former times.


Currently composed of a team of professionals who are well aware of the difficulties facing foreigners in their dealings with Spanish legislation, Ruiz-Dickson Abogados provides legal advice without losing sight of the concerns that arise from belonging to a different culture.


A bilingual Spanish-English law firm, both in form and in content, that overcomes the complex vacuum created by languages, and with a deep knowledge of other cultures.


At Ruiz-Dickson Abogados we take each case as a challenge, searching for the best solution or alternatives to each problem.





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